Gear 2000 Z-Cool DE/TE/DL

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35% Lighter! With 3-D Air Flow Foam Moisture Management Technology in Ultra-Light Protection with an Exclusive Antibacterial Foam System High Impact Inner Poly Arch is sandwiched between two layers of Foam, supported by an outside Poly Plate. Inner Arch has vent holes front and back. How Z-COOL® Technology Works 1. BETTER BODY COOLING: Air is actively circulated in three dimensions. As the body sweats, the sweat coats the waterproof beads and the airflow actively accelerates evaporation, body cooling, and drying. 2. BETTER IMPACT ABSORPTION: Upon impact, each bead tries to separate the adjacent beads sideways, deflecting energy away from the body and thereby absorbing impact. 3. ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Players using Z-Cool® should feel less heat and perspiration buildup. Athletes should experience faster cooling with less sweat loss. The benefits of Z-Cool® technology using Brock Foam do not stop at its cooling properties. Superior impact absorption has been documented using N.O.S.C.A.E. type testing equipment. The athlete does not sacrifice protection for better cooling. Shoulder Pads Feature: ?Z-COOL® moisture transfer system ?Adjustable cap system that follows arm movement ?3-D air flow and evaporative cooling foam ?New accessory attachment design ?1" Belts with no-snag buckles standard, Pat. #D543,488 ?AC notch-out with cradle pad ?Adjustable deltoid pad system ?Z-COOL® plastic inner arch design

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