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Jump Stretch Advanced Training DVD Now available! The Jump Stretch Advanced Training DVD shows sport-specific drills for all sports that can be done with FlexBands. Master Clinical Instructor Carl LaRosa details drills for developing speed, explosiveness, & power; Jump Stretch gym manager Bob Carcelli instructs on Mini Band drills for the core & lower extremities; and FlexBand Inventor Coach Dick Hartzell shows innovative ways to use bands for strength & power in the lower extremities, using bands and the Jump Stretch Base. Coach Hartzell also covers proper/safe ways of doing partner drills with bands. This DVD is a "must have" for those who buy Shuffle Stations or anyone who has 4 or more Mini Bands. It is recommended that you master the activities covered in the Basics DVD before proceeding to this Advanced one. Jump Stretch Basics DVD Jump Stretch Basics of Flexibility and Class Training DVD (Approx. Run Time 56 min.) This brand new DVD covers the basics of the Jump Stretch Training Program by showing an orientation to the bands for athetic training or for general fitness. Video focuses IN DETAIL on our Flexibility Program for lower extremities, then Master Jump Stretch Clinical Instructor Carl LaRosa takes you through a basic workout at the Jump Stretch Fitness Center that can be done by either healthy adult or athletic populations. A good "jumping on" point for someone who is either learning about the bands, trying to start a flexibility program, or implementing the Jump Stretch Training Program into their school or facility. Exercises designed to improve vertical jump and foot speed are shown. (Note: If you require more detailed information than this DVD provides, ask about our Training Seminar/Certification Program.) Resistance Training DVD Resistance Training DVD (approx. run time 35 mins.) The exercises covered on this DVD are perfect for training at home or while traveling. The bands recommended for these exercises are: 2 Mini and 1 Light. Resistance Training DVD also explains how to hook up our Handles and Door Harness, but these items are not required. DVD is divided into two main segments: Segment 1 shows resistance exercises for the upper and lower body, as well as the core, using Bands only (no attachment required). Segment 2 covers additional exercises that can be done by attaching your bands to a stationary object such as our Wall Mounts to work the upper and lower body and the core. (Bands can be attached to a stable pole in your home, or we recommend our Wall Mounts (for a permanent place to work out with bands) or Door Harnesses (if you prefer a temporary place to hook the bands for home or travel).

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