Riddell Kombine Lineman Axelskydd

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Lightweight and flexible, the Riddell Kombine Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Linemen offer similar features as more high end pads in a great package. The pads come equipped with Riddell's RipKord technology, which allows trainers and medical personnel to easily remove your shoulder pads while keeping injured players stabilized. A flat pad design keeps the weight down and Riddell's air management liner system helps you from overheating during games. A velvet collar adds comfort and the caps and epaulets include BIOTHANE straps for increased flexibility.

Recommended for linemen, these pads are made to do work in the trenches. They include front deltoid pads and have a 1 1/2" PVC belt bolstered by a 1 1/2" elastic strap.



  • RipKord Technology
    • A release mechanism in the pad that allows for quick removal by medical personnel
    • Pads can be swiveled off a player without needing to lift them up
  • BIOTHANE cap and epaulet straps
  • Air management liner system to keep you cool
  • Flat pad design
  • Sewn-in channels
  • Velvet collar for comfort
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Corrugated arches


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