Riddell Kombine Skill Axelskydd

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Lightweight and flexible, the Riddell Kombine Adult Football Shoulder Pads - QB/WR/DB offer similar features as more high end pads in a great package. The pads come equipped with Riddell's RipKord technology, which allows trainers and medical personnel to easily remove your shoulder pads while keeping injured players stabilized. A flat pad design keeps the weight down and Riddell's air management liner system helps you from overheating during games. A velvet collar adds comfort and the caps and epaulets include BIOTHANE straps for increased flexibility.

Recommended for skill position players, these pads include a built-in back plate for added protection. A 1" PVC belt provides a secure fit.



  • RipKord Technology
    • A release mechanism in the pad that allows for quick removal by medical personnel
    • Pads can be swiveled off a player without needing to lift them up
  • BIOTHANE cap and epaulet straps
  • Air management liner system to keep you cool
  • Flat pad design
  • Sewn-in channels
  • Velvet collar for comfort
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Corrugated arches
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