Riddell Phenom Skill [SK] Axelskydd

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The New Phenom shoulderpads from Riddell will in time replace the Evolution series. QB/WR/DB brings high-end technologies and features to the masses, in an affordable, aggressively styled, and durable shoulder pad, perfect for the junior high, varsity, college, or professional quarterback, wide receiver, or defensive back. Built with flat pads for a lightweight, highly mobile low-profile, and enhanced with an impact-absorbing Air Management liner, you get maximum range of motion and optimal impact protection, to stay one step ahead of the defense. Strategically placed open- and closed-cell foam pads deliver protection where you need it most, while promoting air circulation to keep you cool and focused throughout the game. Skill position-specific features like an added back plate and 1" PVC belts protect you from rear hits, without slowing you down with added weight, making this aggressively designed shoulder pad great for the guys who make the big plays out there. comes in two different models. [AP] All-Purpose [SK] Skill Features: ■ Air Management System ■ Flat Pad Design ■ Intergrated Channels ■ Corrugated Arches ■ Removable packplate included [SK] ■ Adjustable Y-Belts [AP]

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