Riddell SPX QB/WR Axelskydd [SPX 10i]

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SPX10i Short, swim-cut arches with a small STAC allow optimum mobility and range of motion for the skilled player. Factory installed backplate. Level: Professional/College Sizes: S?L Product Features ?Keyhole Cap Design cradles the AC joint for additional comfort and maximum protection. ?BIOTHANE® brand webbing sets the standard for performance and quality in protective sporting goods. BIOTHANE® STAC straps provide needed resiliency between the arch and shoulder for protection hit after hit. ?BIOTHANE® belts maintain the shape of the arch to dissipate the energy at impact. ?Spacer Fabric, a high-performance, ultra-comfortable pad liner promotes air circulation and provides additional player comfort. ?Velvet Collar for superior pad comfort. ?Removable Channels to optimize fit and pad height above the shoulder. ?Swim Cut arch patterns available for increased range of motion and mobility. ?U.S. Patent # 7,506,384 Product Technologies Flat Pad: Low-profile shoulder pad design sits low across the players shoulder minimizing interference with the rotational range of the helmet. Rigid belts route forces away from the point of impact by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system. IntelliArch Design: IntelliArches are 11% thinner and lighter, yet stiff enough to withstand impacts due to extended corrugations engineered to add rigidity to the front and rear blades of the arch. Composite Sub-Arch: Specially designed for use in flat pads and comprised of a plastic reinforced foam sandwich encapsulated in a non-skid material to provide additional cushioning over the shoulder and stability to the arch-liner interface. STAC Shoulder System: Specially designed system provides unparalleled protection to the shoulder. Keyhole cap surrounds and cradles the AC joint. Highly contoured epaulet channels impact energy away from the shoulder onto the arch. Air Management: Attenuates impact energy on a cushion of air within semi-sealed chambers. Energy dispersal occurs through spreading of impact forces within a large volume of air slowly released from the liner at a controlled rate.

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