Shock Doctor Double Nano Fight Tandskydd

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A dual-arch, low-profile mouthguard, explicitly designed to amplify upper and lower jaw protection. Thanks to our Double Monocoque Shock Frame, this state of the art structure absorbs and disperses impact away from direct contact allowing you the security necessary to play your game. This specific guard is also equipped with our Tri-Bite and MORA technology, ensuring a comfortable, correctly positioned bite. Designed to help increase strength and athletic performance. High impact shock absorption Increased athletic performance Integrated breathing channel Monocoque Shock Frame? Absorbs and disperses impact away from point of contact. Gel-Fit? Liner Custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. Tri-Bite Aligns and stabilizes the upper and lower jaw to enhance fit and protection. Mora Perfomance Enhancement A Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA), when fitted and worn correctly, positions the lower jaw down and forward which may increase strength and athletic performance. Multi-Layer Construction? Our Multi-Layer Construction with an internal shock-absorbing frame offers protection and fit that outperforms conventional mouthguards.