Under Armour Football Eyeshield (Visir) Colored

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Finns i två olika utföranden. High Contrast och Mirror.
*High-contrast filter enhances depth perception.Whatever your position, whatever your style, Under Armour?s football visor with patented NXT?technology delivers unbreakable performance with anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings.It has been tested and found to be compatible with all Schutt helmets, the Riddell VSR-4 with all cages, the Revolution helmet with all cages except the Revo Short Open, the Revo Long Open, the G-2B, the G-2BDC.NXT?is a patented family of transparent polyurethane polymers recently developed for military purposes as a light weight and highly durable bullet proof material. The unique formulation has an unrivaled combination of optical properties, high durability and chemical resistance *Mirror Roam the field, own the trenches. Cut glare and dominate your opponent with a mirror finish. Under Armour's football visor with APVX? technology delivers unbreakable performance and 10% less weight than traditional visors, as well as anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings. Compatible with the following helmets: All Schutt helmets, All Riddell VSR-4 Helmets, and all Revolution Helmets (except Revo Short open, Revo Long Open, G-2B and G-2BDC Cages).
All Under Armour Performance Eyewear lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

*Please note that the mirror NOT is a full "Chrome-Mirror" eyeshield, but just a Mirror eyeshield.*
** Endast clear är godkänt vid matchspel. Alla andra toningar oavsett färg eller procentantal är otillåtna. De är bara tillåtna under träningar. **

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