Vengeance EGOP-II Ansiktsgaller

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Vengeance galler som endast passar till Schutt Vengeance hjälmar i diverse utformanden (DCT, VTD, DCT II, VTD II, PRO etc.) Dock ej Z 10.

When the Schutt Vengeance was released it promised two things - aggressive design and uncompromised protection. Those same elements were applied to Vengeance facemasks, which work in conjunction with the helmet to provide top of the line protection.

The offset eyebrow give the facemasks a unique look, but also help with impact absorption, making them as functional as they are stylish. The facemask line has its own unique looks specific to the Vengeance helmet. While popular traditional styles such as the ROPO and EGOP are offered - look for facemask names ending in "TRAD" - each facemask was rethought for the Vengeance. The V-EGOP masks feature curved bars at the sides, instead of traditional straight bars, while the V-ROPO-DW has a bulldog style nose.

The facemasks attach to all adult and youth sizes of Vengeance VTD II, VTD, DCT and DCT Hybrid models. That makes the fitting process easier and also allows for more styles. Available in carbon steel and titanium, a more expensive option that will drastically decrease the weight on your head.

Each Vengeance facemask offers something different in protection and style. From the wide open look of the ROPO-PR to the longer, mustachioed look of the RJOP-BD, the facemasks available for the Vengeance helmets are sure to have something that fits your game.