Xenith Velocity Axelskydd

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Artikelnr: XE302


Lower your shoulders on the standings this season with the Xenith® XFlexion Velocity Shoulder Pads. You're protected during every play thanks to the Aware-Flow shock absorbers® releasing air to minimize forceful blows and sudden movements. Floating sternum and spine plates team with the flexible shock cord for a full range of motion, keeping you safe and mobile. A belt-like chest strap and low-profile design complete the pads.

  • Adult shoulder pads
  • Positions: All-purpose
  • Aware-Flow shock absorbers® release air to minimize sudden movement and force
  • Injection-molded plates ensure stiffness and protection without adding unnecessary weight
  • Floating sternum and spine plates add protection to normally vulnerable areas
  • Flexible shock cord allows plates to move independently for maximum flexibility
  • Belt-like chest straps with pocket for durability and security
  • Low-profile removable front and back pads
  • Model: F302
  • Xenith