Xenith Xflexion Fly Junior Axelskydd

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Xenith's next-level protection doesn't just apply to helmets. The same patented Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers that reduce the force of impacts in the company's helmets can also be found in the new Xenith Xflexion Fly Youth Football Shoulder Pads. Made for players at all positions in youth, middle school and intermediate levels, these lightweight, low profile pads will help you to fly around the field. Floating sternum and spine plates can help absorb some of the force from tackles, as they'll shift upon impact. Additionally, a flexible shock cord enables each of the plates to move independently, further enforcing the impact absorbing power. Unrestricted shoulder plates allow for a full range of motion, while durable belts keep the pads in place.


  • Designed for all positions at youth, middle school and intermediate levels
  • Each plate moves freely to provide incredible range of motion
  • Low profile pads to not inhibit movements
  • Multi-layered foam padding with nylon cover
  • Two Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers
  • Floating sternum and spine protective plates
  • Lightweight injection molded plates
  • Unrestricted shoulder plates
  • Durable belts