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Attachment Kit for Xenith Facemask
149 SEK
Mountkit for attachement of a facemask for Xenith helmet. Including: Loop straps Screws inkl T-nuts washers This kit is included when you buy a helmet with facemask.
Xenith 3DX Hardcup
349 SEK
3DX engineered for Xenith’s patented Adaptive Head Protection system, the Xenith 3DX chin cup features a polycarbonate exterior for ultimate protection and a silicon liner for superior comfort. Details: Features...
Xenith Apex Shoulderpad
3 695 SEK
The Xenith Apex Shoulder Pad is a revoultionary new pad that is lightweight, low-profile and features a high density closed cell foam sandwhich construction with a high definition PE plastic...
Xenith Backplate
From 649 SEK
Provides lower back protection Attaches to all Xenith shoulder pads and most other brands Attaches with durable and adjustable coated nylon straps Size Youth is recommended for youth or Women. size...
Xenith Element Hybrid Shoulderpad
3 195 SEK
Moderate chest and back plate length offer a balance of movement and coverage. If you're an Edge Rusher who also drops into coverage or a Tight End asked to block...
Xenith Element Lineman Shoulderpad
3 195 SEK
MAX PROTECTION, NO COMPROMISES: Long, contoured chest plate is designed to allow full range of motion for optimal arm and hand positioning while maintaining protection in the trenches. LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION:...
Xenith Element Skill Shoulderpad
3 195 SEK
  Short chest plate and integrated backplate prioritizes range of motion and speed for skill players. If you’re a hard-hitting DB high-pointing a jump ball or a wideout making a back shoulder catch in coverage then...
Xenith EPIC Helmet
From 4 095 SEK
With aggressive styling and an innovative padding system all it's own, the Epic is sure to become one of the most popular helmets on the field. The Epic is packed...
Xenith Eyeshield (Visor)
750 SEK
The Xenith Football Helmet Visor provides added protection from opposing players and the elements, giving you a sense of security that lets you keep your focus on the game. Made...
Xenith Handwarmer
499 SEK
Xenith Handwarmer features fleece lining with hi-loft fibers that create pockets to trap air and retain body heat.  With an ultra-thin design, the Xenith Handwarmer is a great way to stay...
Xenith Hybrid Hardcup
299 SEK
Keep your helmet comfortably secured for optimal safety with this XENITH Universal chinstrap. Compatible with any helmet, it provides the comfort of a traditional soft chinstrap with the added protection...
Xenith Loop Flag Football Helmet
799 SEK
Helmet designed for flag football! Contact is not allowed, however, sometimes it happens.  Keep yourself protected with the Xenith Loop