Riddell Axiom Helmet

Custom item!

16 900 SEK

Riddell Axiom Helmet. This is not only a helmet, this is a statement.

This helmet is custom made to fit. You will need to visit our store in Kristianstad, Sweden to have one of our experts scan your head with the Axiom scanner to complete the purchase.

Every Axiom is custom built for each individual customer.

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This helmet has been years in the making. The future of on-field helmet technology is here. Riddell officially introduced the Riddell Axiom, a new cutting-edge football helmet platform with personalized fit and seamless function.

Riddell has combined their deep experience in athlete protection, smart helmet technology and fitting technology developed for Precision-Fit to deliver the most advanced, personalized football helmet platform on the market.

  • Tru-Fit – Riddell’s Tru-Fit System provides a personalized fit for each player utilizing Riddell’s Verifyt scanning app to produce an individualized build.
  • Tru-View – Axiom’s Tru-View is a frontal protection system removing the top bar of the traditional face mask. This provides additional flexing and a better impact response.
  • Surround Flex System –The surround flex system is a combination of flex panels, most notable from Riddell’s SpeedFlex helmet released in 2014. The flex system in the Axiom helmet shell works together with the Tru-View face protection system to improve impact response.



3D Imaging Provides A Personalized Fit Using Riddell's Proprietary Fitting System
Riddell's Tru-Fit™ System utilizes Riddell's Verifyt™ scanning app to capture a three-dimensional image of an athlete's head. Our proprietary fitting algorithm analyzes the 3D images and generates an individualized combination of energy managing interior liner pads with unique thicknesses, shapes, and contours. These liner pads work together to create a personalized interior fit and protection system. Your individualized build configuration is calculated, stored, linked, and managed within Riddell's internal database.

New Design Increases Energy Management & Field of View While Using Less Hardware
Notably, the Axiom features a Tru-View™ frontal protection system which removes the top bar of the traditional face mask to provide additional flexing, more energy managing material and a better impact response. The surround flex system, a combination of flex panels in the helmet shell that work together with the internal liners and face protection system, is designed to improve impact response. A panoramic elliptical face mask includes cast cage construction available in both stainless steel and titanium, and a unique shape and orientation that strengthens the face mask structure and provides a sweeping view of the field.

Axiom is the first football helmet that will offer a standard, factory-installed, optically correct visor to give athletes a clear field view and full coverage eye protection.

"Over the last three years, we have incorporated learnings from head imaging and impact data, laboratory and field testing, with Riddell's decades of design and development expertise in head protection, leading us to today's Axiom introduction," explained Thad Ide, SVP of Research and Product Development at Riddell. "This helmet is the product of new design methods, materials, and technologies, and will reset the overall athlete experience with a football helmet. The Axiom is the new standard for football helmets."

Facemask and Visor INCLUDED!